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PVE and PVP with engineers in

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PVE and PVP with engineers in

Because has very few escape skills and it runs slower when using its skills make it an easy target in PvP and in PvE, the Engineer is a difficult class to play in Wildstar gameplay guide
. When enemies approach you quickly and you don’t want to tank, you’ll take the brunt of enemies’ attacks. When it comes to how you play PvE and PvP with totally different skill sets, I suggest that you should set up a distinct divide. Bots work quite perfect in PvE, especially the Brusier Bot, it has ability to make aggro easily. However, bots in PvP are almost useless. If you want to survive you’d better taking much more other skills.

As an Engineer, I always insist on a point that: don’t care too much about your heavy armor, otherwise you’ll be very fragile. The primary reason we have mentioned before, that is escape skills are limited. However, the Engineer can depend on raw mitigation to get them through fits. As a ranged tank, you shouldn’t look forward to just stay at the back but no damage. Instead, because of the nature of enemy encounters, enemies will soon be in melee range of you once you’ve drawn aggro. Unless you make use of a Bruiser Bot to take aggro for you, otherwise you’ll still be encounter tanking like Stalkers and Warriors. But don’t worried, you can switch to Provoke mode on your Exo Suit, this can reduce your damage but at the same time increase your resistances.

Generally speaking, in PvE and PvP, Engineer involves a lot of positional play to damage enemies but at the same time keep themselves not so vulnerable. Unlike other classes, Engineer is heavily dependant on healers, so there is no doubt that you’ll die if you overextend in PvP without ws platinum
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