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Tips for Firefall Beginners

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Tips for Firefall Beginners

When you meet difficult in games, you will want to look for some tips or guide to help you go through it. So it is also the same in the firefall online, but there are many tips and tricks in the webs to help you solve the questions. So in this article we would like to list some good tips which is shared by other players to help players play well in the game.

Besides ARES Jobs and the Campaign, firefall mmo has ARES Missions, Encounters, and World Events that spawn throughout the world. All you need to do is walk up to them to get started. They give more XP and tend to be faster to do than ARES Jobs. Regarding squads, don't go it alone. Teamwork is overpowered, a feature that hasn't been nerfed. Type lfg into chat to put your name on a list of people looking for squads, also feel free to ask on zone chat. When someone says LFM or LF2M, it means they're looking for a people to join their squad. If you can't find a squad, start one by typing /invite <player name> to add members.

FireFall PvP is a game that I describe as having a low "lethality." The combination lots of HP, mobility, and escape abilities means that, unless you're truly overwhelmed, you can often escape a losing fight with your skin. This is very different from many modern "realistic" shooters where you die in just a few hits and escape is usually not an option, because you can't fly in those games. When you're low on health in firefall gameplay, get out of there. Force your assailant to get pounded by your teammates if he wants to chase you (this is why it's important to stay aware of your team). Maybe you'll be the bait that catches a couple kills for your team. At the same time, be wary of flanking maneuvers that could cut off your escape.
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