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Wow Aoe Mage Grinding Cheat

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Wow Aoe Mage Grinding Cheat

You must spec to have improved blizzard, this is important to decent mana efficiency, leading less downtime. And it will protect you from being attacked. You must have wow gold (EU) and spec into frost since down the line you will gain ice barrier, all AoE spells' god which protect you from getting stunned, hit horse, the three primary AoE pitfalls. Gain it. keep a long distance from caster/ ranged mobs even there is only one in the group, you should be cautious because they will disturb your whole system. A lightning bullet/arrow/ bolt in the chest as well your blizzard as is gone.

You may likely die when you out of mana, you need wow cd key(EU). You can wield wand to pull lost mobs. You can wield your wand to aggro them when they're spread out, as they run toward you, get away from them to the e other mobs and try to pull a larger group. If you have decent AoE, you are able to receive an infinite number of mobs. This is your AoE order each time. Gather the mobs and be sure they're tightly packed. Frost Nova them before the Frost Nova gets broken. Run to sideways allows you maintain them in sight and move at the speed of 100 percent. Blizzard them to hit all of them. If you are almost out of blizzard, you can cast it around you and buy wow gold (EU), they will walk into it and get hit before you get hit.
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