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what would be the most h/p you could get from 440 iron heads

hi all,
i am considering upgrading my top end (heads,carb,cam,intake,excaust combo on my 440)
i have spoken to a reputable local shop who is known to deliver when it comes to the crunch. In saying this he has not much experience with the 440 and has done heaps of ford and chev combos.

As this doesnt scrare him, he has advised me the procedure to take would be: a) dyno engine as is b) remove heads and port ,flow, modify to get aquired h/p. (if he thinks these heads that i have will not do the job we will have to start with another set, as mine are already touched.)
c)put all together and dyno to confirm combo.

when he gets the heads working to his liking he will pick a cam, carb combo and exchaust to suit.

I already have a m1 single plane manifold with a 1050 dominator(not sure if these units will be reused ) and i am trying to accomplish a 650-700 h/p engine.

NOW... in giving you an indication from the above, and that i have a set of 452 ( already touched, but not sure what, to inform you) heads on my car, how much realistic h/p can i get from a set of stock heads.

if 700 h/p can be accomplished from stock heads.. what are the best ones to do this from as i can start looking for some, or do i just go for an alluminium head (taking into consideration in cost if i purchase the head then spend more dough in geeting them working).

thanks in advance

feel free to ask any questions
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There are many variables to the HP question, .. but I'll give some general
points, .. you'll need at least 13.1 compression and a good roller cam.

The 452 head can make around 600 hp but it takes some serious porting
and a person who knows these castings well. I used to do pallets full of them
for McCandless back in the 90's.

If you're after 650 to 700 hp it's going to take a better head and more airflow then
the 452 casting can offer. I've seen 650 from this head but it's not easy, ..

Two options, .. if you're going to stick with a stock
stroke at 440 CI then perhaps the Indy 440 EZ head will work, .. it has a stock
exhaust location so you're headers will fit, .. small high velocity ports and
with some mild porting can make 650 HP, ..

The Indy 440 EZ -1 has CnC bowl porting and a Max Wedge intake opening, ..
should make the power you seek, it'll take some porting to make the 700 mark.

These two Indy EZ heads use standard rockers, stock rocker shaft oiling, . 75 cc
chambers, .. fairly easy bolt on.

Other option is the Brodix B1 BS, .. 230cc port, .. with porting can make very, very
good power. I'm a Brodix dealer and have worked up some very good port
designs for this head. Takes mostly standard parts but does need off set
rocker arms.

Hope this helps.


Brodix dealer with many custom port designs, .. mild to wild.
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